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“Paternity cases” involve “custody” or time-sharing issues, child support, shared parental responsibility, tax issues, and in some cases attorney fees. When a child or children are born out of wedlock a paternity case is the manner in which the court can establish parental rights and responsibilities of the parents. Until that time the mother is considered under Florida law to be the sole legal guardian of the child. However once the issue of “custody” is to be decided by the court the mother and father are viewed as equals and factors including which parent is more likely to promote the relationship between the child and other parent is used to determine what custody arrangement would serve the best interest of the child(ren). As in divorce cases mos paternity cases, get resolved in mediation, and my retainer is based on the amount of time to get from start through mediation. Unlike divorce cases, if an agreement is reached in mediation there is no need to ever go in front of a judge. 

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